Saturday, August 25, 2012

What do you know about probiotics? Part 2

With the prefix ‘pro’ – which means ‘for’ – it’s logical to assume that probiotics are good, and they are! The word ‘biotic’ means ‘life’, so probiotics are for life. Often called the ‘friendly bacteria’, scientists believe that probiotics are as important in this century as antibiotics were in the last. And I go along with the scientists’ belief. My feeling is that probiotics are the unsung hero of wellness. Last time I posted a list of functions performed by probiotics, both our own natural ones and high quality supplements. NOTE: Not all probiotics are created equally. Again, I’ll address that in more detail in a subsequent blog.

Given the more than thirty functions performed by both our own and our supplemental probiotics (I listed 16 of the more important in my last blog), it is no wonder that when medications and/or lifestyle choices kill too many of these friendly teammates (yes, I call them ‘teammates’), bad things can start to happen. I consider a healthy balance of good and bad to be 85% and 15%, respectively. In the case of too many harmful and bad ‘teammates’, we experience a condition known as Dysbiosis. Please know that Dysbiosis may cause illness, so this is important information to digest…pardon the pun.

Following is a list of just some conditions which may be aggravated by Dysbiosis:

Allergies                                      Digestive issues                              Joint pain            

Asthma                                        Fatigue                                             Poor nutrient assimilation

Autoimmune difficulties          Food poisoning                               Sinus infections (chronic)

Candida yeast infestation        Gastritis                                            Skin problems

Constipation                               Headaches                                       Sleep disturbance

Diarrhea                                      Heartburn                                          

Now I’ll give you a list (also in alphabetical order) of warning signs and symptoms associated with Dysbiosis – more commonly known as an intestinal imbalance – caused by an imbalance of more harmful flora than the good ‘teammates’:

·         Acne, eczema, and skin problems

·         Allergies and chronic food sensitivities

·         Bad breath and gum disease

·         Chronic (otherwise unexplained) fatigue

·         Chronic yeast problems (including Candida albicans overgrowth)

·         Constipation and/or diarrhea

·         Difficulty losing weight

·         Extreme menstrual or menopausal symptoms

·         Faulty digestion (including acid reflux)

·         Foot problems including fungus, bacteria, etc. as probiotics gobble up bad bacteria

·         Frequent colds, flu and/or respiratory infections

·         Joint pain / inflammation

·         Peptic ulcers

·         Poor sleep habits (including nightmares)

As you can see, there is much information out there about the goodness of probiotics which I will delve more into in future editions. Check out my blog regularly for more information about probiotics and other nutritional data. I would be happy to advise you on the most effective probiotics available to help you toward a life of wellness. Contact me through my website, and we’ll work together on getting you on a path to a healthy life.
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