Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gluten - are you sensitive or intolerant to Gluten

Many people have a sensitivity to gluten products and have various symptoms that are not resolved with medications.  If you have stomach discomfort, digestive issues, energy problems, skin irritations, sinus issues and many others, consider staying off all gluten grains for 30 days.  Wheat, Rye, Barley are the main culprits.
Oats may be processed in a plant that process gluten grains and may be contaminated. Use organic oats to insure cleanliness in processing. More and more restaurants are producing menu items that are gluten free and there are many books with gluten free recipes.

There is a difference between gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance.  I am gluten sensitive meaning that if I occasionally have a little bit of wheat - like a cracker, or eat the filling of a pie and not the wheat crust, and stay away from spongy breads made with gluten grains, I do well.  I save this exposure for eating out.

Others need to stay completely off gluten including hidden gluten in skin care products, snack bars (modified food starch).  

This is an enormous topic so I suggest taking it a little bit at a time.  Just realize that food is medicine and what we put in our mouth influences how we feel.  We are all individuals and respond to toxic exposure differently.
My toxins include dairy, gluten, sugar.  I work diligently to keep these food items out of my diet.

For information regarding how NES can assist you in discovering your food sensitivities contact us at www.nutried.com   or call 802-874-4429

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