Sunday, December 4, 2011

Preparing for and recovering from surgery with nutrition.

It is truly amazing what medical science can do these day.  November 23rd I had the minimal invasive anterior approach total hip replacement surgery. Surgery was on a Wednesday and I was home Friday. On Sunday I fully dressed myself and am using only one crutch to get around the house.  Giving the body the nutrients it needs to heal is very important. A high protein diet, a high fiber diet, with supplemental Calcium and vitamin D3, plenty of fluids are essential.
  • First thing in the morning I have a Nutrilite Protein shake (25 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 6 grams of carbohydrate. 170 calories.)  Chocolate fudge is my favorite. 
  • With that I take Nutrilite: Double X multi-vitamin/mineral organic food concentrate, Balanced Health essential fatty acids,  vitamin D3 with K2, calcium/magnesium with D, time release vitamin C and a few others specifically for my body chemistry
I am consuming 25 grams of fiber daily.  That comes through vegetables and whole fruit. The bodyneeds a minimum of 50-60 grams of protein to have the building tools for repair.
It is vitally important to get plenty of rest and take any prescribed meds your doctor ordered. 

Having been told 40+ years ago I would be in a wheelchair by my mid thirties and now I am just having to replace the rheumatoid / osteo arthritic affected parts of my body, I am very blessed.
I can maintain a lifestyle of skiing, golf, gardening, travel and having a good time.  Eating according to my bloodtype, staying off inflammatory foods, exercising properly all influence the outcome.  At 70-80 percent compliance over the years, I cannot say enough about the results.  Quality nutrition and lifestyle really work for longevity of health.

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